The 15 Most Amazing Swimming Pools around the World


“Dive Into The 15 Most Jaw-Dropping Pools On Earth”

You and I both know that there’s nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in a beautiful swimming pool. But not all pools are created equal. Some pools around the world stand out for their stunning designs, jaw-dropping locations, and luxurious amenities. From crystal clear natural pools tucked away in lush rainforests to futuristic rooftop infinity pools overlooking major cities, these 15 amazing swimming pools are definitely worth traveling for.

So get ready to be wowed as we dive into the details on the most amazing pools that should be on every swimmer’s bucket list.

1. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool – Singapore

Perched 57 stories above Singapore’s glittering Marina Bay, the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool offers unparalleled views of the city skyline. This incredible rooftop oasis stretches 150 meters long and is one of the largest infinity pools in the world. The pool seems to disappear right into the horizon, leaving swimmers feeling like they’re floating in the sky.

With tickets costing $20 per person, a visit to this luxurious pool isn’t cheap. But for the experience of swimming in the clouds while gazing out over Singapore’s futuristic cityscape, it’s absolutely worth it. This pool is a must-visit for any photography lover too. The views from every angle are simply Instagram gold.

Location: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore

Cost: $20 per person

Why You Need To Visit: Incredible panoramic city views, feels like floating on top of the world

Website: Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

2. San Alfonso Del Mar – Chile

Nestled along the picturesque Chilean coastline, the San Alfonso Del Mar pool is the world’s largest crystalline water pool. This stunning man-made lagoon stretches a whopping 3,324 feet long and contains a jaw-dropping 250 million liters of pristine, desalinated water.

With its turquoise waters and resort-style amenities, you’ll feel like you’re at a luxurious Caribbean paradise right here in Chile. The pool has several smaller pools connected by swim channels, along with a central island you can swim out to and relax under the palms. San Alfonso also features a peaceful sandy beach, lounge chairs, and poolside bars perfect for sipping cocktails after a long day of swimming.

Location: Algarrobo, Chile

Cost: Prices vary by season

Why You Need To Visit: Largest crysaline pool in the world with stunning turquoise water

Website: San Alfonso Del Mar

3. Nemo 33 – Belgium

Dubbed the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool, Nemo 33 is located in Brussels, Belgium. This highly unique pool plunges 113 feet (34.5 meters) below ground and contains over 2.5 million liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30°C (86°F).

Named after the famous Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Nemo 33’s futuristic design provides swimmers with an experience akin to scuba diving without needing any equipment. The pool features several underwater caves and windows, as well as platforms set at various depths. It even has an underwater sound system you can hear while swimming through the crystal clear waters. Along with open swim times, Nemo 33 offers scuba diving lessons and underwater yoga classes.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Cost: $20 per adult

Why You Need To Visit: Experience deep sea diving without the equipment, see incredible underwater views

Website: Nemo 33

4. The Cambrian Adelboden – Switzerland

Nestled high in the scenic Bernese Alps, The Cambrian Adelboden features an incredible heated outdoor rooftop infinity pool. This luxurious pool provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and pastoral Adelboden valley from every angle. You’ll feel like you’re swimming in the Swiss Alps.

The pool maintains a comfortable temperature of 35-36°C (95-97°F) year-round so you can take an invigorating swim while surrounded by snow-capped peaks. After your swim, relax on the deck in one of the lounge chairs and soak up the fresh alpine air and majestic mountain vistas. The Cambrian also has an upscale spa and natural mineral baths perfect for unwinding.

Location: Adelboden, Switzerland

Cost: Access available to hotel guests

Why You Need To Visit: Year-round heated pool with breathtaking alpine views

Website: The Cambrian Adelboden

5. Bondi Icebergs Club Pool – Sydney, Australia

For a truly thrilling swimming experience, visit the famous Bondi Icebergs Club Pool overlooking Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach. The Icebergs pool is fed by waves crashing over the rocks, so you’ll get to swim in the ocean without the threat of sharks or rough surf.

A dip in this striking sea-fed pool that juts into the Tasman Sea is exhilarating. The pool water is refreshing even on sweltering hot days. When you tire of swimming, unwind on the pool deck right next to the beach and take in sweeping views of the Tasman Sea and sandy Bondi shoreline. The entry fee helps maintain Bondi Beach’s facilities, so your swim supports keeping this world-famous beach clean.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Cost: $7 AUD per swim

Why You Need To Visit: Invigorating ocean swimming without the surf, iconic beach setting

Website: Bondi Icebergs Club

6. Hanging Gardens of Bali – Indonesia

Upon arriving at the ultra-luxurious Hanging Gardens of Bali resort, you’ll be whisked away via funicular to your own private villa tucked deep in the lush jungle. Each villa comes with a secluded heated infinity pool overlooking the rainforest and Ayung River gorge below. The illusion is incredible – it feels like your personal oasis is suspended in the jungle canopy.

Lounging by your private pool surrounded by tropical foliage and birdsong is blissful relaxation at its finest. The Hanging Gardens’ two-level cascading main pool is also stunning, with its stone-carved fountains and tropical landscaping. Here you can swim while gazing over the treetops to distant rice paddies. For the ultimate in poolside pampering, visit the spa set directly over the jungle waters.

Location: Payangan, Indonesia

Cost: Villas start at $700 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Incredible private jungle-immersed pool villas

Website: Hanging Gardens of Bali

7. The Library Koh Samui – Thailand

The Library Koh Samui is a luxury boutique hotel on Thailand’s idyllic Chaweng Beach famous for its striking blood red swimming pool. The vivid scarlet tiles create an eye-catching contrast against the blue sky and sea. The pool stretches diagonally across the resort’s central deck, surrounded by plush lounge chairs and beach umbrellas.

Taking a dip in this tropical crimson pool feels indulgent and refreshing after a day of exploring sizzling hot Koh Samui. When you’re ready for a break from swimming, The Library’s beach bar is just steps away. Sip a mango daiquiri under the palms while enjoying the ocean breeze. The Library also houses an award-winning restaurant overlooking the red pool and white sand beach beyond.

Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Cost: Access available to hotel guests

Why You Need To Visit: For Instagram-worthy photos contrasting vibrant red tiles with the blue sea

Website: The Library Koh Samui

8. Y-40 The Deep Joy – Italy

Billing itself as the world’s deepest hotel swimming pool, the thermal Y-40 The Deep Joy pool is located at the Hotel Terme Millepini in Montegrotto Terme, Italy. This futuristic pool plunges 40 meters (131 feet) below ground, allowing swimmers to experience aquatic depths usually reserved for professional divers.

The water temperature stays between 32–34°C (90–93°F) thanks to natural hot springs. As you descend deeper into the crystalline waters, lights illuminate the ethereal scene. Y-40 features several underwater caves to explore and platforms at different depths perfect for practicing diving techniques. This one-of-a-kind pool redefines luxury swimming. After your deep water adventure, unwind in the spa relaxation pools or book a massage.

Location: Montegrotto Terme, Italy

Cost: Full day pass is €50 per person

Why You Need To Visit: Deepest pool complex in the world for underwater exploring

Website: Y-40 The Deep Joy

9. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Finland

Imagine floating peacefully in a blissfully warm pool, gazing up at the dazzling Northern Lights dancing overhead through a transparent glass roof. This incredible experience is possible at Finland’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland. The resort’s heated glass igloo pools allow guests to swim and stare up at the night sky in complete warmth and comfort.

You can book both private igloo pools or larger shared pools showcasing panoramic views of Lapland’s forests and fells beyond. Kakslauttanen is located far enough north to offer prime northern lights viewing opportunities. Gazing at the vibrant auroras dancing across the sky while soaking in the pleasant pool is an unforgettable bucket list experience.

Location: Lapland, Finland

Cost: Igloo suites from €980 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Soak in the heated pool while witnessing the magical northern lights

Website: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

10. Ik Kil Cenote – Mexico

For an unforgettable pool experience, head to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to swim in the natural Ik Kil Cenote near Chichen Itza. Cenotes are naturally occurring sinkholes created when limestone bedrock collapses. Ik Kil’s near-perfect circular pool measures about 130 feet (40 meters) across and plunges approximately 100 feet (30 meters) below ground.

These crystal clear waters make for an absolutely breathtaking sight. You’ll feel like you’re diving into the heart of the earth itself. Lush jungle vines drape along the limestone walls, adding to the ethereal atmosphere. The turquoise pool leads into several underwater caverns that adventurous swimmers can explore. However, diving is prohibited to preserve Ik Kil’s fragile ecosystem. At ground level, there’s a restaurant, gift shop, and spacious deck for sunbathing after your dip.

Location: Yucatan, Mexico

Cost: 100 pesos per person (~$5 USD)

Why You Need To Visit: Chance to swim in a naturally stunning limestone cenote

Website: Ik Kil Cenote Park

11. Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens – Thailand

Within Thailand’s lush Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens, you’ll find the unforgettable Blue Pool. This stunning naturally-fed pool shimmers an intense sapphire blue that almost doesn’t look real. The color results from the high alkalinity and high concentration of minerals in the incoming water. The pool measures 131 feet (40 meters) by 164 feet (50 meters) and reaches up to 80 feet (25 meters) deep in certain spots.

Trees arch over the Blue Pool on all sides, creating a peaceful sanctuary vibe. Take a swim surrounded by only sounds of tropical birds and the forest. Make sure to also stroll along the lush jungle trails around the rest of the botanic gardens. The Blue Pool is the ultimate way to cool off amidst the garden’s vibrant tropical plants.

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Cost: ฿100 per person (~$3 USD)

Why You Need To Visit: Natural bright blue pool surrounded by lush jungle

Website: Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

12. Aquadom Suite at Radisson Blu – Berlin, Germany

If you love underwater views, you have to check out Radisson Blu’s Aquadom Suite in Berlin, Germany. The centerpiece of this room is a ​​cylindrical saltwater aquarium containing over 1,500 tropical fish that surrounds the bed on three sides. The aquarium measures around 36 feet (11 meters) high, making it the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium in a hotel.

As you rest on your luxe king bed, you’ll feel fully immersed in the underwater scene thanks to the three-sided floor-to-ceiling aquarium walls. It’s like sleeping inside an aquarium with tropical fish swimming at eye level! The room also features two glass elevators that pass through the middle of the tank. Beyond the novelty of the fish tank, the Aquadom Suite offers upscale amenities like marble bathrooms and a private spa pool on the terrace.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Cost: Average $1200 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Unique underwater hotel suite experience sleeping next to tropical fish

Website: Radisson Blu – Berlin Aquadom Suite

13. Hotel Hacienda San Jorge – Mexico

Nestled within Mexico’s Puuc Jungle between Merida and Campeche lies the secluded Hotel Hacienda San Jorge. This resort boasts a gorgeously designed open-air pool flanked by towering palms and lush jungle vegetation. The pool’s clear turquoise waters mirror the vibrant blue skies, creating an irresistible oasis vibe.

After exploring the surrounding Mayan ruins and jungle trails, relax poolside on plush lounge chairs or sunken lounge beds. The pool waters are lit at night, so you can even go for a moonlight swim under the stars. The hotel’s spa hydrotherapy circuit combines heated pools, herbal steam baths, and soothing water treatments for ultimate relaxation.

Location: Uayamon, Mexico

Cost: Rooms from $200 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Crystal clear open-air pool in the lush Puuc Jungle

Website: Hotel Hacienda San Jorge

14. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Residence – Maldives

Imagine having your own private overwater bungalow in the middle of the turquoise Indian Ocean, complete with an infinity pool overlooking the sea and a glass bottomed deck to peer down at tropical fish. This incredible experience is a reality at the Conrad Maldives’ overwater villas.

These luxury bungalows situated on stilts above the ocean feature 180 degree views of the Maldives’ rich marine environment. The villas face west towards the sunset so you can conclude your day soaking in the infinity pool while watching a stunning sunset over the glittering sea. There’s even an underwater restaurant on the property reachable by descending a spiral staircase through the ocean waves.

Location: Maldives

Cost: Overwater villas from $2000 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Private overwater bungalow with infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean

Website: Conrad Maldives

15. Katikies Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece

Set on a serene hillside overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea, the luxurious white-washed suites of Katikies Mykonos open right onto your own infinity pool. As you float in the glistening pool waters, you’ll feel like you’re swimming directly in the sea below.

No beach crowds here – it’s just you and the sensational views of the waves crashing on sandy Mykonos beaches far below. When you’re ready for sunset, the boutique resort’s Ouzeri restaurant is the perfect spot for poolside dining and drinks overlooking the Aegean’s golden hour. Santorini-style cave pool suites are also available if you prefer sunken cave pools.

Location: Mykonos, Greece

Cost: Suites from €660 per night

Why You Need To Visit: Private infinity pools with jaw-dropping clifftop views

Website: Katikies Mykonos

Tips for Visiting the World’s Best Pools

After reading about these unbelievable swimming pools around the world, you probably can’t wait to visit one as soon as possible! Here are some helpful tips to know before booking your pool vacation:

  • Book Far in Advance – For popular pools like Marina Bay Sands, reservations fill up months ahead so book early.
  • Check Seasonal Hours – Outdoor pools at destinations like the Arctic have seasonal openings based on weather.
  • Look Out for Deals – Join mailing lists for potential discounts or keep an eye out for hotel package deals if on a budget.
  • Read up on Rules – Some pools like Bondi Icebergs have guidelines like mandatory showers before entering so you don’t get turned away!
  • Pack Proper Swimwear – Remember your
  • suit or trunks – some cultures and pools require modest swimwear.
  • **Arrive Early – ** For amazing pools like the rooftop Marina Bay Sands, go early to avoid crowds and enjoy the views.
  • Check for Restaurant Bookings – Luxury pools often have sought-after poolside restaurants. Book tables in advance.
  • Bring Underwater Cameras – For underwater pools like Y-40 The Deep Joy, bring waterproof cameras to get amazing submerged shots.
  • Use Poolside Lounge Chairs – Take advantage of comfy lounge chairs and amenities offered at most pools.
  • Stay Hydrated – In hot locales, bring water to stay hydrated while poolside.
  • Shower Beforehand – Remember to shower before entering shared public pools to keep them clean for everyone.
  • Ask About Accessibility – If you have accessibility needs, be sure to check that the pool and surrounding facilities can accommodate you.
  • With these handy tips in mind, you’ll be ready to start packing your bags and heading off on an unforgettable swimming adventure at one of these amazing pools around the globe. No matter which you choose, soaking in the sights of an incredible pool paired with world-class amenities is an experience you’ll never forget.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Amazing Pools Around The World
  • Still have some questions about visiting these unbelievable swimming pools? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
  • How much do these amazing pools cost to visit?
  • Prices vary greatly depending on the pool. Day passes for public pools like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore cost around $20 USD per person. Resort pools like those at Hanging Gardens of Bali are accessible only by booking one of their luxury villas starting around $700 per night.
  • Do I need reservations to visit pools like San Alfonso del Mar?
  • During high season, it’s advisable to book reservations in advance for busy pools like Chile’s San Alfonso del Mar since capacity is limited. Email or call ahead to reserve a time slot for your visit. Off-season visits are more flexible.
  • Are pools like Nemo 33 safe for beginning swimmers?
  • While exotic pools like Belgium’s deep sea-diving inspired Nemo 33 are safe with lifeguards on duty, weaker swimmers should use caution. Stick to shallower depths unless you’re a confident swimmer. Nemo 33 offers scuba diving experiences for beginners.
  • Can I scuba dive or snorkel at pools like Y-40 The Deep Joy?
  • Some pools allow limited scuba diving, but have restrictions to protect the water integrity. At Italy’s Y-40 pool, scuba equipment is prohibited but free diving courses are offered to teach extended breath holding skills. Always obey pool rules for your safety.
  • Do I need a wetsuit for pools like at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon?
  • The geothermally heated water at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon stays warm at around 100-104°F (40°C) year-round, making wetsuits unnecessary regardless of season. For unheated pools in cooler climates, wetsuits allow swimming in colder months.
  • Can I eat and drink while swimming in hotel pools?
  • Rules vary by hotel, but most pools prohibit food in the water to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. Drinks are often permitted in plastic containers. Luxury hotels like Katikies Suites even offer poolside dining and drink services.
  • Are kids allowed in luxury hotel pools like those at Conrad Maldives?
  • Kid-friendly pools allow children, often during certain daytime hours. Adult-only pools at luxury boutique hotels generally prohibit children under 16. Always clarify rules before booking or arriving with kids to avoid issues.
  • What type of swimwear is allowed? What swimwear is prohibited?
  • Rules range from pool to pool. Some require modest one-piece swimsuits. Revealing Brazilian-cut suits or nude swimming are unlikely to be permitted. Check guidelines to see if speedos, thongs, or restrictive religious coverups like burqinis are allowed.
  • Is public swimming allowed in sacred pools like India’s Kumbhalgarh pool?
  • Some historic sacred pools prohibit public swimming to preserve purity traditions. At Kumbhalgarh’s meticulously built royal stepwell pool, visitors can admire its incredible architecture but swimming is restricted. Always respect sacred local traditions.
  • Do pools allow inflatables and pool toys?
  • Rules vary – many ban inflatables for safety and to preserve exclusive ambiance. Check beforehand. Luxury pools like Hanging Gardens Bali villas and Conrad Maldives overwater bungalows allow floats since you have your own private pool. Public pools tend to prohibit toys.
  • Can I practice diving skills at pools like Y-40 The Deep Joy?
  • Yes, world-class dive pools are perfect for practicing diving techniques! Close supervision is provided along with introductory scuba lessons. You’ll even have the chance to explore underwater caves safely. Don’t forget to book your diving experiences well in advance.
  • Start Planning Your Pool Vacation Today
  • Now that you know about some of the most amazing, over-the-top pools across the globe, it’s time to start planning an unforgettable pool vacation of your own!
  • Whether you’re seeking out infinity pool views, transparent swim-through aquariums, lush jungle-surrounded oases, or futuristic deep diving pools – there’s a perfect option out there waiting for you.
  • Research locations thoroughly, book your dream pool hotel or resort early, and get ready to dive into a sensational swimming experience on your next international adventure!
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